Images from the classroom - Aspects of the Silent Way


1 The shape of the mouth, and the alveolar ridge. 2. Rectangles correspond to sounds. 3.and 4, Checking students' pronunciation. 5. The class helps if possible. 6. Checking the work student by student.

'Conducting' a class

1, 2 and 3: Getting the sound the right length. 4. Getting it sharper and denser.

Finger correction

1. Getting ready to correct. 2. Working with the whole class. 3 and 4. Working with students. 5. Once the words are correct, get the breathing right.

Self correcting

Once students realize the value of finger correction, they use it spontaneously themselves

Students helping students

Rather than speaking myself, I get students to help each other. They then begin to do this spontaneously.


Without presence, there can be no learning. I try to work so as to hold my students' presence.