My colleague Piers Messum and I have made a series of videos about the Silent Way. The first is called Language is for expression

Others include Looking at Language learners; Non-beginners: The class conversation; Teachable Moments; The subordination of Teaching to Learning; Working on the spirit of the language; How we learn; Memory and retention and acquaintance; and Gattegno's wider impact.

Piers and I were interviewed by Fanny Passeport on learning: How does learning actually work? Fanny made this into a series of short videos, the first of which is here.

I participated in the work on a video with commentary showing a two minute clip every two hours of a five day course taught by Don Cherry in Tokyo. It is called English the Silent Way: a film for language teachers. As far as I know this is the only attempt on the web to give a taste of a whole course in 45 minutes. 

I am part of a team which is in the process of developing a course for teachers wanting to learn to use the Silent Way. When finished, this series may well contain more than 200 short videos, each with a commentary on what it reveals about the approach. Here is the web page. 

I am part of a team working on creating a Silent Way course for teachers using videos of Don Cherry's classes in Tokyo. The fist is called Day 1 session 1: Working on sounds. The web page can be found here. When finished, this series may well contain over two hundred short videos with commentaries.

A series of videos of me working in the classroom have now been published on YouTube. I invite you to watch and comment.