Sites I am involved in

The Pronunciation Science site

This site presents our work on pronunciation and shows the charts we have developed.

The Pronunciation Science channel on YouTube

On this YouTube channel, you will find the films we have made about teaching pronunciation: theory and practice

The Duo Flumina site

This site proposes books and articles about the Silent Way, and Gattegno's work more generally.

The Duo Flumina site on YouTube

On the Duo Flumina channel, you will find a series of fifteen short films on the Silent Way. These explain the precepts which subtend the approach.

The Silent Way online site

This site has an extensive collection of articles on the Silent Way, and links to videos on the YouTube channel. 

The Silent Way online YouTube channel

An extensive and highly original collection of videos showing classes learning English, French and Japanese, with comments on the teaching practices used. It is an invaluable help for teachers wanting to learn more about this approach.


Tribute to Caleb Gattegno

On the ATM (Association of Teachers of Mathematics) site. Gattegno was one of the founders of this association.